3 tech-driven ways to create a commute-worthy office experience

Think smaller but smarter. Download this value-packed guide to learn how you can create a more flexible office space that’s optimized for the things employees crave most – more connection, smoother collaboration, and easier innovation.

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Get ideas to optimize your office in a hybrid world

With hybrid work on the rise and employee expectations changing, organizations everywhere are rethinking their physical workplaces.
Yes it IS possible to reduce costs and boost productivity by creating a more nimble workplace that easily adapts to what today’s hybrid employees want and need. Get the guide to learn how.

Get your FREE copy of the “Smaller but Smarter” guide!

The three truths you’ll uncover in this guide

Improving employee engagement and productivity isn’t about adding more perks and pizza lunches. It’s about making small-but-meaningful changes to meet employees where they are now and support how they aspire to work in the future.

Agile is IN

The traditional office layout is being swapped for a more versatile setup where employees have freedom to move around and collaborate easier.

See how technology offers flexibility when it comes to activities like reserving desks and meeting rooms or finding a quiet place to focus.

ESG rules

Most Gen Z and millennials believe businesses should take the lead in addressing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. (It's also a growing concern with investors!)

Discover how companies are using technology to cut energy costs, improve facilities management, and make better decisions.

Hospitality thrives

Hospitality plays a significant role in creating an environment where employees feel valued, comfortable, and motivated to do their best.

Learn how modern technology enables smart workplace navigation and more personalized experiences.

Get your FREE copy of the “Smaller but Smarter” guide!

Employees are saying what they want.
Are you listening?


of current employees said they’d quit their jobs if they had to be in the office every day

2-3 days

of on-site work maximizes employee engagement.


of employees want to work remote all the time, while 32% prefer hybrid.

Want to know what else they’re saying –
and what you can do about it?

“Working with Appspace has helped Insight improve our workplace experience and collaboration while minimizing the workload on IT and user teams. Their platform’s multi-faceted approach has met our needs to increase communication channels and help bring employees back to the office.”

Matt Skaff,
Vice-President of IT, Insight

“The partnership between Appspace and Metrikus couldn’t have come at a better time. Our clients are seeking to create workplaces that deliver frictionless employee journeys while prioritizing both sustainability and team wellbeing. Together, we have the power to deliver just that.”

Michael Grant, Chief Operating
Officer & Co-Founder, Metrikus
“This was a match made in heaven – XY Sense and Appspace supporting an Australian company’s return to office. Our shared goal was to maximize the productivity of meeting rooms (a rare and valuable space commodity in the hybrid era) by integrating real time sensor data to ‘auto-release’ booked meeting rooms when no-shows occur as well as ‘auto-check in’ un-booked meetings. We’re confident this will be the first of many joint success stories!”
Shivaun Ryan, Head of
Customer Success, XY Sense

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