Authoring & Publishing

Learn the skills to author cards, preview, publish, and more.


Create a playlist

Create your first playlist channel. The playlist channel allows us to publish full-screen content quickly and without hassle.

Create a card

Let's create our first card, using a card theme. We can quickly put together great-looking content and make it available for publishing.

Upload content

Now that we have a playlist channel created, let's upload content from our library, create a card for it or upload directly from our computer.


Previewing a channel

Let's check out how your channel will look before we publish to your registered devices.

Publishing channels

Now that our channel is ready to be published, let's select the audience we want it to reach.

Creating a card from scratch

If you want to create a card without using a branded card, we can start from the base theme.


Creating folders in the library

Organization is the name of the game, and when you have thousands of pieces of content, it can be difficult to keep track of them. Using folders is the logical and simplest way to organize your library.

Uploading content to the library

There are a couple of ways to upload content to Appspace, whether uploading directly into the library or when creating a channel.

Customizing channel playback

Once you've loaded your content into a playlist channel, you can set transitions, duration, scheduling and playout order of the content however you need.


Organizing channels into groups

Making things easier is always nice. Use channel groups to publish several channels at the same time and control the audience.

Publishing a live channel

Appspace gives you the tools to publish live video streams using just URLs.

Advanced channels

The first thing you see when creating an advanced channel is the overview, where you can track changes and control synchronization for the channel.


Advanced channel editing

Advances channels are built on layouts. You can have many layouts and fill them with customized widgets.

Advanced channel visual editor

Once you've got your layouts planned out, you can use the visual editor for each of them to help you diagram your content how you need, using customized widgets.

Advanced channel layout scheduling

It's possible to map out scheduling within each layout ad the widget level, but you can also enable layout scheduling, so you can have more granular control of how and when content is deployed.


Channel permissions

Regardless of what channel you're using, you can establish very clearly who can modify the content and who can publish it.

Channel approvals

It's a simple matter to select users who can approve publishing and editing channels. We've built it right into the workflow.