The warehouse industry is booming. The economy is growing, manufacturing is strong, and there is a seemingly endless appetite for online commerce. New warehouses are being built to support the need and companies are adopting new technologies to drive productivity and remain competitive. There has been much talk about the “science of logistics” with ever-new technologies improving productivity in the supply chain. But what about the people side of logistics?

According to Inbound Logistics, labor constitutes 65% of the operating budgets of most warehouses. To maintain an efficient warehouse, employers need to recruit, train, motivate and retain good employees. Communication is a critical aspect of making that happen. Most warehouse workers are not at a desk or near a computer, making it challenging to reach them. Digital signage offers a popular solution for visual communication.

10 reasons why warehouses love digital signage

  1. Informing workers on all shifts

    Digital signage is a very effective platform for communicating with workers who are not at desks. Whether they are stocking shelves, driving a forklift, or picking and packing, they need to be informed on company updates, schedules, benefit information, etc. This is particularly critical for shift workers who often feel disconnected.

  2. Keeping everyone safe

    Create a culture of safety awareness by visually communicating how to avoid forklift accidents, slips, trips and falls, pallet rack collapses, and other common warehouse accidents. Incorporate a mix of video, safety don’ts, infographics, and pictures of your own facility and people.

  3. Retaining great employees

    Employee retention is directly tied to engagement. Employees feel valued when they are recognized and are more likely to stay in a job where there is room for growth. Use your electronic message boards to celebrate work anniversaries and milestones. Show your company’s commitment to training and development by recognizing individuals and teams for obtaining certifications and training. Announce promotions and showcase special projects.

  4. Promoting health & wellness

    Healthy employees are happier and more productive. By providing helpful tips on eating habits, exercise, stress reduction and emotional support, you’ll let them know that you care about their well-being. Use your digital bulletin board to remind them that support is also available through your Employee Assistance Program,

  5. Improving performance with data visualization

    Eliminate whiteboards and manual updates for Key Performance Indicators. Improve productivity by displaying real-time performance data on dedicated digital signage screens in the warehouse. Use simple charts and graphs that employees will quickly understand. Be sure to also include company-wide KPIs in your content rotation for those screens in common areas such as cafeterias and break rooms.

  6. Motivating employees

    Generate excitement and pride by “marketing” your in-house initiatives on your digital signage screens. Whether it’s safety, customer, service or health & wellness, announce the program parameters and celebrate the winners.

  7. Recruiting new employees

    Current employees are a great source for recruiting new workers. Post job openings on your electronic message boards and promote your employee referral program if you have one. Start new employees off right by posting welcome messages on your screens. Show a picture, announce their job role and wish them luck. They’ll feel good and it’ll help your employees recognize a new face.

  8. Reinforcing training

    Extend your training efforts by using your electronic message boards to post daily tidbits reinforcing new procedures or policies. Post short video clips with dos and don’ts. Use PowerPoint for Q&A to reinforce key takeaways.

  9. Meeting language challenges

    Visual communication can bridge language barriers. By using video, infographics, pictures and graphs, you’ll engage more workers. Digital signage offers flexibility for accommodating multiple languages. Content can be alternated in rotation (e.g., English/Spanish). When multiple content frames are available, you can dedicate one frame to content in a second language.

  10. Targeting the message

    Digital signage is a great way to get the right messages to the right employees at the right location. When figuring out how many screens you’ll need, consider the audience. Screens in cafeterias, and break rooms should provide content that applies to all employees, including those in the office (e.g., company announcements, benefits, in-house initiatives, etc.) On the warehouse floor you may have screens that focus more heavily on safety and KPIs.

Hot to get digital signage in your warehouse

It’s easy to see how digital signage has become a widely accepted form of communication in the warehouse. It is effective, reliable, offers the flexibility to meet the unique needs of your operation, and employee’s will love the accessibility. Get in touch with Appspace to learn more about deploying digital signage in your warehouse.