Room scheduling deployments continue to grow within Appspace deployments. Building on our last update, the latest update to the room scheduling card sees the addition of several customer requests for customizing room scheduling panels in the modern workplace. As was the case with previous updates, here is a list of the impressive new features you can start using, today!


1. Display room facilities

Administrators can now configure the room scheduling card to display facilities available to the room via the calendar provider. These facilities are then represented as icons outside the room.


room scheduling appspace facilities


2. Book ahead

Administrators can configure the room scheduling card to display room availability for the current day (24 hrs) or week (7 days). This allows future reservations to be made from a touch-enabled room panel.


room scheduling appspace 7-day booking


3. More formatting options

To customize the experience to match your brand standards, we’ve added nine new formatting controls.


room scheduling appspace layout options

Choose from more layout options


room scheduling appspace full-screen background

Style the room scheduling card with a full-screen background image


room scheduling appspace background playlist

Create a background playlist of content for the room card


room scheduling appspace background mask

Set the color mask that overlays your background image or playlist


room scheduling appspace status colors

Configure the status colors of your card


room scheduling appspace room label

Override the default “Room” label with a custom property


room scheduling appspace room name

Override room designation names from the calendar with something friendlier


room scheduling appspace alignment

Align time, date, and upcoming meeting information to the right


room scheduling appspace time date

Choose between 12h and 24h time display


4. More integration capabilities

Ever wanted to integrate the Appspace room scheduling card with hardware that has status LED lighting? Perhaps you want to show that a video call is in progress without users having to enter the meeting room to find out? With added support for event triggers and commands, the room scheduling card makes this possible through new API calls.


Try all of these new features out today, and let us know your thoughts.