Continued changes to the workplace require everyone to remain flexible. Since plans are constantly evolving and changing, there’s no better time to review your current communications plan and technology to make sure you’re maximizing your reach and broadcasting your messages in the most effective way. 

According to a poll conducted by Gallup, 74% of employees say they’re missing out on important company news1. Cluttered inboxes and too many different mediums are the leading causes of missed communications. Not to mention the drain of productivity this causes your employees. Research shows that, on average, workers spend 13 hours a week going through their email, trying to decipher what information is critical to their job2. Imagine the time saved if employees could gather relevant information in one location.

Obviously, there is more to maintaining healthy company culture than just communicating with your team. Employees want you to be transparent, efficient, and collaborative. Choosing the right technology to share certain information will help you achieve these things in a digital workplace. Here are 5 of the more common digital tools and the best way to use them to reach your team members.

Digital Signage

Your digital signs are always going to be an important component of your communications strategy. They are the front line in your office spaces that allow you to share important information across the broader team. Make sure you’re displaying relevant and current updates on a regular basis. Stagnant screens will deter team members from checking them. 

Employee Apps

We are on the go more than ever. Your employees need to be able to take you along wherever they go. An employee app is one of the easiest ways you can help mobilize your communications. Employee apps are often looked at as announcement centers to keep them up to date on any new company announcements, policy changes, or other important information. Getting your team onto an employee app can ensure all important messages are received. 

Company Intranet

The Intranet at most organizations is viewed as the “Knowledge Center” or “Information Hub.” If employees need something that focuses on the business, they look here to get that information. So how do you leverage this? If you have training documentation, videos, resources, store them here and make announcements when new items are added. Part of creating a successful communications plan is being consistent with where certain information is stored, so employees feel confident in where to look for what they need. 

Video Conferencing

By now, we all are familiar with a Zoom call, Google hangout, or Skype session. Did you know these digital tools are part of your communication stack? It’s true! While we may use these in day-to-day business, they hold some specific power with internal communications. When we have a video call, we know it’s important and something we need to be present for. Holding town halls, training sessions, or casual gatherings are all ways to incorporate video conferencing tools into your internal communications strategy. Just because it’s communicating doesn’t mean it’s limited to the written word! Oral communication brings a sense of community and teamwork that often gets missed when we send written or electronic communications.

Team Collaboration

Employees appreciate transparency and being communicated with, but they also appreciate the ability to respond. Communication is not a one-way street; it definitely takes two to tango! Allowing space to ask questions and make it easy to reach someone if questions arise is absolutely necessary when working on your communications plan. In the same vein, try to incorporate employees in delivering your communications. You can foster inclusivity and collaboration by inviting employees from different teams to guest host or write internal communications. 

Communication doesn’t start and end with emails and instant messages. Use the various mediums within your company to display relevant messages to your employees. We know each organization is different, which is why we’ve made the Appspace platform flexible to fit your team best. Visit our website to learn more about Appspace and how we can help expand your communication strategy. 

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