Appspace for Microsoft improves workplace communication and unifies workplace management for global organizations

DALLAS, TX – July 11, 2022 Appspace, the leading provider of workplace experience software, today announced the launch of Appspace for Microsoft. Appspace’s latest offering seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s product suite. This innovation is designed to enhance communication and productivity for employees, whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the go. 

Expanded Partnership to Enhance Workplace Experience

Together, Appspace and Microsoft are creating a modern workplace experience that helps employees thrive. Appspace and Microsoft solutions work together to make it easier to share knowledge, reserve resources, connect with colleagues, and improve productivity wherever work takes place. Appspace integrations enhance Microsoft’s capabilities and work from inside the Microsoft apps customers know to deliver an improved time to value and ROI.

The partnership elevates the digital workplace experience and promotes collaboration by connecting Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Viva with modern intranet and employee app solutions. Organizations benefit from improved employee engagement by integrating company content and messaging between Appspace, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

Because Appspace is a platform for the entire workplace experience, organizations can extend Microsoft’s solutions from the digital workplace to the physical workplace. Employees can easily find and reserve the right room or desk with easy-to-read maps inside Microsoft Outlook. Business insights from Power BI and company messages from Sharepoint are brought to life on digital displays across the office. Devices within Microsoft Teams Rooms become a destination for company messages, improving value and function. 

“We specifically designed Appspace for Microsoft to help organizations using Microsoft solutions,” says Scott Chao, Chief Growth Officer at Appspace. “Most companies use Microsoft solutions, and they can now improve their workplace experience through a single offering. This industry-first innovation will help organizations around the world bridge their digital and physical workplaces within their Microsoft ecosystems.”

Appspace for Microsoft

Appspace for Microsoft offers a unified workplace experience platform that is seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft suite of products. It leverages a suite of integrations, apps, and add-ins that enhance Microsoft solutions. This approach gives organizations a powerful platform to get more from their Microsoft solutions. It allows the freedom to leverage other software and hardware across locations, regions, buildings, and departments. Appspace for Microsoft helps organizations:

Enhance Workplace Communications
Organizations still struggle with reaching all employees with company messages and ensuring they have the right tools to remain productive and engaged. With Appspace for Microsoft, employees can move from working across siloed apps and channels to a seamless, omni-channel approach to working. The new offering makes it easy to create, publish, and access content in less time. That means organizations can reach all employees within their natural flow of work to improve engagement and productivity.

Simplify Workplace Management
Employees need to be able to find a workspace and conduct meetings in a welcoming office environment. With Appspace for Microsoft, organizations can elevate the in-office experience by making it simple for employees to find a great workspace. Through an industry-first integration with Microsoft Teams, Appspace makes it easy to go beyond basic room booking to an upgraded experience that can help employees reserve a desk or a room, and even find their colleagues.

Appspace for Microsoft is now available. For more information, please visit

About Appspace
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