There are many factors that contribute to creating a great employee and visitor experience. So what are some of these factors, and how do they help keep teams engaged and productive? 

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing a series of blogs to cover this exact question. And by answering this, we’ll also be discussing some of the key benefits of our joint solution with Metrikus.

In this first blog, we discuss one of the biggest essential requirements of an excellent employee and visitor experience: seamless workplace reservations. 

Reserve spaces for you or your team 

Employees can book meetings on touch-interactive booking panels or kiosks with just a few taps. Simply choose a space, invite colleagues and guests, and get booking confirmations in just a few clicks. Admins can view and manage all reservations and gain significant resource insights from conference rooms, workspaces, and more. 

But – here’s where the Metrikus partnership comes in – if someone doesn’t show up to a meeting room (i.e. room occupancy stays at 0), then the room can be automatically ‘released’ on the booking app after a chosen timeframe has elapsed. 

This means we can finally wave goodbye to those classic ‘no shows’ and help ensure your employees are as productive and efficient with their time as they can possibly be. 

Check-in, extend, or cancel your reservation 

Check-in using displays outside the room or mobile devices. Or use occupancy sensors located at the desk or conference room for safe, touchless check-in. 

Arrive at your reserved space and breeze through with a touchless solution that automatically checks you in and frees up the space when you’re done. It’s easy for employees to manage all current and future reservations within the Appspace Employee App.

Appspace partnered with Metrikus helps automate space reservation tools so teams can focus on what matters most instead of scanning QR codes, manually checking in or checking out of meetings, and releasing rooms if no one shows up, or the air quality of that space (more on this in a future blog in this series). It all sounds like a win-win to us.

Together, we deliver joint solutions that ensure your spaces, employees, and guests are always in sync, safe, and productive. Interested in learning more about how we can help provide a workplace experience your employees love? Visit