If you’re still struggling with managing hybrid meetings, you’re not alone. Research reveals that two thirds of workers find it difficult to fully engage during hybrid meetings, and 56% feel that those hosting meetings overlook virtual attendees and give more time to those physically present.

It all boils down to this: your meetings are much less effective and productive than they could be.

The world of remote and hybrid-remote work continues to challenge business leaders who are constantly looking for ways to ensure maximum productivity. Today, just 3% of employees work entirely in person, so the ability to manage hybrid meetings is a skill you’ll want everyone to master.

What is a hybrid meeting?

A hybrid meeting is one that includes a mix of in-person and virtual attendees. They’re nothing new, but the pandemic spurred an enormous uptick in the need for hybrid meetings.

Hybrid meetings are often beset by problems including technical issues, inequality in participation (are your remote workers finding it difficult to have their say?), unequal access to resources, and communication barriers (are virtual attendees missing useful non verbal communication like body language?). Even time zone differences can be a factor if you’re asking remote participants to attend late in the evening or before breakfast.

The two biggest challenges for organizing an effective hybrid meeting are the technology you use and people management.

Getting the right technology for hybrid meetings

There are dozens of tools and platforms available to help you host virtual meetings, so knowing which technology is right can take time and effort. Take a look at the Appspace platform, specifically designed for the hybrid workforce.

Whatever platform you choose, make sure it gives you the following:

Fostering good hybrid meeting skills

Getting hybrid meetings right requires good people skills and management skills. Instill these across your organization and you’ll increase productivity, collaboration, and engagement for everyone attending hybrid meetings. (They’ll help your fully virtual and in-person meetings too.) You can use our best practice list below as a guide for your teams organizing hybrid meetings.

Explore a hybrid work platform to improve your meetings

The Appspace platform offers a simple, sophisticated way to manage schedules, office spaces, and collaboration for a hybrid workforce. With tools like a modern intranet, omni-channel publishing, and an employee communication app, you’ll better connect your employees — no matter where they’re located — and streamline the organization of hybrid meetings.

Check it out today.