As we wrap up 2023, the Orion release comes with several features and enhancements you will love. Let’s take a look at what you can expect in the next week.


Publish to Email:
Our new publish to email feature means crucial updates are never missed. Elevate your outreach of your digital signage, Employee App, and Intranet content effortlessly, or directly distribute content via email. Whether it’s an urgent communication or an individual newsletter, you now have the option to share this content via email. This is helpful when crafting tailored communications addressing important workplace subjects or departmental initiatives on a daily or weekly basis, ensuring timely and targeted delivery.


We’ve enhanced the process of integrating content from external sources such as SharePoint. Connectors can now seamlessly be added to a channel within the content creation flow, simplifying the incorporation of third-party content, ultimately saving you time.


In this release, we’ve improved our Space Reservation solution to help employees collaborate effectively, access resources easily, and manage reservations to better fit their needs.

Colleague Connect:
Introducing our new Colleague Connect feature designed to foster in-person collaboration among team members. This innovative tool enables employees to designate their favorite team members and colleagues. Stay informed about who’s planning to be in the office through email and chat notifications, an Employee App widget, and during the reservation process.


Multi-Resource Reservation Improvements:
In our last release, we unveiled the capability for multi-resource reservations, enabling you to book multiple spaces at the same time. With this release we’re building on this by adding support for reservation services providing even more flexibility in your booking experience.

Multi- View Floorplans:
With this release you now have multiple display options of the same floor plan to include both 2D and 3D renderings. We’ve also included the option to create versions with diverse color schemes to accommodate the accessibility requirements of all employees.


Checkpoint Modifications:
Adjust catering requests or dietary restrictions with checkpoint modifications. This new feature allows for greater flexibility before your meetings begin. *This is in Limited Release Only*

Checkpoint Extender:
For organizations integrated with ServiceNow or other third-party systems, our new Checkpoint Extender allows reservation services to automatically be sent from Appspace so you can manage things like catering requests in the system of your choice.


Our latest updates to the Employee App provides more tools for creating content, making it easier for users to navigate and access information.

Pages & Stories:
Our Pages and Stories feature has an expanded set of formatting tools, including the capability to create tables and link image tiles. These tiles can effectively redirect users to external websites or different sections within the Employee app, making it easier to locate desired information.


User Profiles:
We’ve refined the user profiles to streamline your experience managing Page and Story drafts. This is helpful for effortlessly locating, resuming or completing your drafts directly from your profile interface.


We remain dedicated to enhancing our editorial experience, aiming to deliver a seamless and unified user journey for our users. The Orion release marks another stride towards achieving this unified experience. Let’s explore some of the notable enhancements.

Stories Migration:
Experience the latest editor functionality across all your stories, regardless of their creation date. With the migration of your existing stories to the new editor, you will enjoy one unified and seamless experience.

Duplicate Page:
Create new pages faster while maintaining a consistent and familiar structure with our latest Duplicate Page feature. Your framework will remain the same and you can easily edit the page to fit your new topic, saving you time from having to start from scratch.



Our latest updates to Digital Signage and Cards offer users improved methods for enhanced version control, media management, and customization options across various sections of the platform.

Card Version Control:
For improved version control and streamlined content management, you now have access to view the version number and the user responsible for the most recent update made to a card. This is helpful for efficient collaboration, maintaining accuracy and ensuring effective content management within your organization.

Playlist Volume Control:
You now can conveniently adjust the volume or mute specific pieces of media within your playlist, providing finer control without altering the entire playlist audio settings.


Multi-Zone Background Colors:
We now offer additional customization options for multi-zone playlist channels. You have the freedom to select the background color that aligns with your brand standard or suits your personal preference.


Through our latest partner and device updates, our primary objective is to empower users with enhanced control and increased accessibility across a multitude of devices. Read on to learn more.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities:
Empower streamlined oversight and control with our enhanced reporting capabilities. This update offers comprehensive insights into device registration, connectivity, apps usage, and firmware versions. Simplify device management effortlessly across all locations with these detailed metrics.

Webex Control Hub Integration:
Our improved Webex Control Hub integration allows individual users to connect their Appspace account with their Cisco account, enabling a seamless transition by user. Additionally, we have enhanced visibility in Control Hib with additional health status for the integration. Lastly, we’re proud to announce that we now support the Room Navigator for both standalone and paired devices.

Progressive Web App (PWA):
We’ve recently enhanced our progressive web app by implementing advanced content cashing specifically tailored to support larger files such as videos. This significant upgrade aims to minimize bandwidth consumption, resulting in accelerated loading times. These improvements are accessible not only on partner devices from Poly, Cisco, Crestron, Google Meets, and Mersive, but also across any platform utilizing the progressive web app.

We continue to add Broadcast capabilities to even more supported devices allowing you to reach any platform with important news. Additional devices include Crestron, Android, Logitech and many others. Click here for the full list.

Check back for more as we get ready to launch the Orion release.