We’ve packed this release with over 25 upgrades that make your team’s work life smoother and more enjoyable. Let’s dive in.

Appspace AI is here – and it’s great

Remember when we teased AI features at our WOW23 conference? The wait is over – and Appspace AI is a game-changer. Here’s why:

Hear your content out loud with an AI narrator
Pages and Stories now come with an AI narrator and a slick new Appspace Media Player. Want the key points while you sip your coffee? Just hit play. Great for busy schedules and provides improved accessibility too. Key features include text-to-speech, easy listening, article playlists, smooth playback, and smart playlist creation.

Tagging made easy
No more brainstorming keywords or manual tagging. AI suggests relevant tags for your articles, saving you time and brainpower.

Quick summaries and captions
Get the gist of an article at a glance with AI-generated summaries and captions. Perfect for staying on top of things on the go.

Get some writing help with AI article content generation
Appspace AI can create, edit, and improve text within articles. That’s less writer’s block and more great content.

Give these AI features a try in the console today.

Community and inclusion: A workplace where everyone feels connected

This release is all about community and making work feel more welcoming:

Introducing ‘Communities’ in the Appspace App
Think of them as hubs for teams, projects, or anything you’re passionate about. Share ideas, files, and updates all in one place – it’s where collaboration happens.

What you can do in a Community:

Breaking language barriers
The Appspace app now supports Slovak, Thai, Dutch, Czech, and Turkish. Hello, global teamwork.

Easier space booking
We’re making it easier to find a place to work with Reservable Neighborhoods Spaces. Instead of picking an exact desk or room, just choose a general area (a neighborhood). The system will automatically find the first open spot. It’s great for:

Invite visitors and manage pre-registration – all in the same workflow
Appspace now connects Visitor Management and Space Reservation so there’s no more managing separate reservations. Any changes update automatically, saving you time and hassle.

There’s more to love in Aquarius. Read on for more updates.

Space Reservation updates

Booking just got easier with multi-resource reservation
Now you can reserve rooms, equipment, and other resources even if they’re managed in different apps like Outlook or Google Calendar.

Plans change? With editable checkpoints, it’s no problem
You can change your checkpoint responses (like food orders, room setup, and so on) even after the meeting is scheduled. This gives you more control and saves you from last-minute scrambles. Plus, we’ve updated the look with customizable banners and colors.

Stay updated with floor-level email notifications
Now you can get detailed email notifications about your specific floor, plus instant push notifications on your mobile about reservations, visitors, and other important workplace happenings.

What’s new with Digital Signage?

Showcase your best videos with ease
Our updated Vimeo Card feature now lets you display entire Vimeo Showcases on your digital signs. Just add the link, and we’ll handle the rest. Customize the playback order and how many videos play for a fresh, dynamic look. This saves you time and makes managing your video library a breeze.

Keep your social media displays fresh with our Facebook and Instagram card
Now you can filter Facebook and Instagram posts by date, so you only show the newest and most relevant content.”

New Intranet features and upgrades

An improved Editor experience
We’ve made creating content even easier. Our improved Editor now works for Pages and Blogs within Communities. This means a smoother, more enjoyable experience for anyone publishing content on your platform.

More control over what content you see
We’ve made it easier for editors and administrators to manage Discovery Cards, which suggest relevant content. This revamped feature is now conveniently accessible through the editorial settings view, so users can customize what content gets recommended, making it more relevant to their needs and preferences.

Find the newest blog posts quickly
You can now sort the ‘Latest’ blog posts by publish date. Plus, track how popular posts are with view counts, so you know what your readers love.

Overall Platform

Connect your smart devices for smarter workspaces
Our new Internet of Things (IoT) framework lets you register and manage devices like sensors that track things like air quality, room usage, and temperature. This gives you powerful data to manage your building better.

Partners and devices: What’s new?

More room booking options
We now support the Neat Pad room booking panel, giving you another hardware option – and another way to manage your meeting spaces. Our integration offers a built-in experience through the Pulse platform, configuring devices to run the Appspace Android App.

Manage devices with ease
We’ve redesigned how you manage devices in Appspace. Now you can quickly find the devices you need, see the most important info at a glance, and update multiple devices at once. This saves you time and prevents technical hassles. Available in late April.

Additional support for partner devices
We now support even more devices. This release adds compatibility with:

That’s it for our Aquarius Release. Stay tuned for the Cygnus Release at the end of June.

Want all the details? See our full release notes.