Appspace Turns 18!

2020 has been a wild year, but here at Appspace, we have a lot to celebrate. Today, Appspace is turning 18. In a normal world, we’d be celebrating together, perhaps with some fireworks (since we are old enough to buy them now), but that’s not the case this year. 

While we can’t celebrate with the rager we’d hoped for, we thought it might be fun to think about all the things that Appspace might do if our company was a person, and that person was turning 18. We hope you enjoy it! 




  1. Play the Lottery – Our lucky numbers are 7-22-02. It’s our founding date, and we’d like to think it’s brought us some luck. If you use these numbers based on our suggestion and win, we’ll be expecting a payout. 
  2. Gamble – Beyond just scratching a ticket and picking some numbers, you’d probably find us at the casino. While we’d have fun playing Texas Hold-em, we’d have more fun dreaming up signage solutions on the floor. 
  3. Get a Tattoo – Our logo would make an excellent tattoo, don’t you think?
  4. Get a Piercing – The icon in our logo is reminiscent of a piercing barbel, no?
  5. Go Skydiving – And live-stream it via company town hall in an Appspace-powered meeting room. 
  6. Vote – Appspace 2020 – We think our platform is worth voting for. 
  7. Get Married – Which one of our partners is ready to put a ring on it? 
  8. Have a Drink (for our team members outside of the boring USA)


And with that, we’d like to raise a toast for those who have helped us make it to 18! 

We’re thankful to our customers who trust us to help them manage their corporate communications in offices all over the world. We’re grateful to our team for providing excellent service, whether they are innovating our product, serving our customers, or restocking the office snacks (arguably the most important job). And, we’re thankful to our partners for working together with us to help enhance client experiences for our full range of solutions. 

So cheers to you, cheers to 18 years, and cheers to many more to come!

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