Creating Content to Coincide with Major Holidays in 2020

Coming up with original content provides an opportunity to be creative and have fun with how you connect and engage with employees. Beyond the typical company news and announcements, there is plenty of opportunity to highlight upcoming holidays, events, and promote some office-wide fun. As 2020 comes to a close, here are some content topics to help finish out the year strong. 

Halloween – Saturday, October 31

This is a great opportunity to bring employees together for some fun. If in-office costume parties were a focal point of the holiday season, transition to an online celebration. It’s easy to create a few cards to encourage participants to snap a photo of their costume, upload it for judging. Spooky scavenger hunts are also a fun way to engage employees if they don’t want to participate in a costume contest.

Daylight’s Savings Ends – Sunday, November 1

It never fails, the time change twice a year sneaks up on everyone and is easy to forget. Remind employees of the upcoming time change and that in this fall season, time let those clocks fall back an hour when daylight savings ends on November 1st!

Election Day – Tuesday, November 3 (US)

It’s not every year there’s an election! Encourage employees to vote by reminding them of nearby polling places, a countdown to election day and if applicable, that they are guaranteed time to vote by you, their employer. 

Veteran’s Day – Wednesday, November 11

Take the time to thank those in your organization who served by highlighting their military service on Veteran’s Day. This is a fun way to spotlight employees and make connections with others across the organization that might have otherwise been missed.

Diwali – Saturday, November 14

Known as the Indian Festival of Lights, this holiday symbolizes victory of light of darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. One of the best known ways to celebrate is with candles and lamps. Share a few fun facts about the history of Diwali with your team. 

Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 26

The one day of the year eating all day long is completely acceptable and so is wearing stretchy pants all day long. Remind employees of the office holiday schedule and any early closing times and company paid holidays. The fun doesn’t have to stop on Thanksgiving Day, upon return to the office, engage employees by asking them what their favorite part of the long weekend was and to share any photos. 

Major December Holidays

There’s a lot to celebrate in December! Be sure to acknowledge the various winter holidays throughout the month and use this quick list to keep track of them:

Chanukah – Thursday, December 10

Christmas – Friday, December 25

Kwanzaa – Saturday, December 26

Boxing Day – Saturday, December 26

Winter Solstice – Monday, December 21

The shortest day of the year! Have some fun and remind everyone to enjoy some sunshine or outdoor activities while they can since daylight is in short supply today. Everyone can now wish each other a happy winter officially. 

Festivus – Wednesday, December 23

This is a bit more fun, as it’s a holiday you might have heard referenced on Seinfeld but a great opportunity to share some great memes and create a buzz right before most companies close their offices for a few days. 

New Year’s Eve – Thursday, December 31

The end of 2020 might be celebrated mightily. While it hasn’t been the best year, there have been bright spots. Again, this is a great time to remind employees of company paid holidays and office closures and reopenings. 

There is plenty to celebrate in the coming months! If you’re ready to create your own content cards to celebrate one or all of the upcoming holidays, head over to the Appspace Gallery to learn more about how to develop and deploy them to your team. 

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