Using Appspace For Safe Social Distancing At Work

In an era when communication is more critical than ever, and even more so when considering the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the workplace, the need for a solid communications strategy and platform is no longer a nice-to-have for businesses. Moreover, a centralized, pervasive platform is also a must, as teams are now more dispersed than ever. Using Appspace has always been an excellent way for businesses to centralize their internal communications, but today, using Appspace is an excellent way for companies to help keep their employees safe as we return to work. 

Centralizing internal communication solutions provides stronger results than compiling a series of ad-hoc solutions for internal communication. Appspace provides companies and their users the ability to quickly and efficiently create custom communications delivered company-wide in seconds. 

Many companies and organizations were on track for a larger in-office technological presence at the onset of COVID-19. Some of these plans were derailed by the pandemic, forcing organizations to act quickly. Rather than shutting down completely, some businesses started allowing most if not all employees to work-from-home, allowing them to maintain social distancing. Employees were able to prioritize their health and still kept operations up and running, but while putting in-office solutions on hold and forcing business leaders to find new methods of communicating, fast. 

We know that employee communication is one of the vital aspects of successful organizations, no matter their purpose. In other words, corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and governmental entities all need strong communication channels that promote collaboration and clarity in communications. As the pandemic persists, and our offices begin to adapt to the new normal, companies need to communicate important social distancing reminders and important corporate communication to keep employees safe and at ease.  

Using Appspace To Return To The Office

Some companies and organizations may decide to continue remote operations for the foreseeable future. This decision would be a measure aimed at bolstering employee safety, and significantly decreasing the overhead of a large real estate footprint. And why not? Many companies have learned through these unprecedented times that their employees can do the same work from their home-offices, and traditional meetings and events are just as effective when conducted virtually. To reach remote workers, Appspace integrates with Cisco Webex, Slack, Microsoft Teams enterprise messaging solutions so that corporate communications can be viewed directly in channels your employees are already comfortable using. Also, teams can use the Appspace content portal to access important information from any browser, ensuring your communications reach employees regardless of where they are or what devices they may have available. Appspace content is easy to create using pre-built templates that look great no matter where they are shared. These templates can be customized to be on-brand, and aesthetically crisp, and beautiful. 

However, not every company is going to be able to conduct their operations remotely forever. Many offices in countries around the world have been fully open for months. As more employees are returning to work, there is still a large need for in-office technology that promotes social-distancing. Using Appspace in the office is a great way to bolster internal communication and encourage the safe practice of social distancing. 

Displaying organization-wide briefings through a live-stream, delivering important company-wide news to employees, and creating beautiful custom kiosk displays are only some of the practical social-distancing applications of integrating Appspace into a work-environment. 

Building Communications With Appspace

Using Appspace is intuitive, smooth, and swift. Users can build communications, branded graphics, and other custom displays through the user-friendly template modifier built into the software. The Appspace template builder uses a powerful backend HTML script to empower the user to swiftly and efficiently create informative and impactful communications. 

The ability to deliver internal communications quickly, while promoting social-distancing, and making vital information available to the entire entity is proven to improve efficiency. In the age of information, technology, and now the COVID-19 pandemic, internal communications have become one of the most crucial aspects of the workplace environment. No matter if working-from-home temporarily, permanently, or not-at-all, contact and social distancing need to be main priorities now, and moving forward. 

Appspace boasts intuitive and user-friendly software that bolsters internal communication with powerful graphics and designs—enabling the user to work efficiently and deliver vital information throughout an entire company, office, or work environment. Appspace is an excellent addition to your company’s communication solutions. Try for free or learn more about our experiences by checking out our website. Contact us for more information. 

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