Desk booking just got easier: Appspace is now available on Logi Dock Flex

Appspace and Logitech are simplifying the workplace experience – from making it easy to book desks to enhancing communication with dynamic digital signage. Our collaboration brings innovative solutions for businesses to run the Appspace platform on Logitech devices.

“The tight partnership between Logitech and Appspace provides our joint customers with integrated solutions that can enhance the overall user experience, create more efficient workplace communication, and open up new opportunities for how people work across all places people get work done,” said David Morris, Strategic Alliances at Logitech.

We started with Logitech Tap Scheduler, and then we added Logitech RoomMate running Appspace digital signage. Now we’re introducing Appspace desk booking on Logi Dock Flex, a multi-purpose docking station that enables easy and personalized desk booking for employees.

Simplifying the desk booking process, employees can easily reserve a desk through the Appspace Employee App by scanning a QR code on their phones or using the touchscreen display on the Logi Dock Flex. This intuitive process saves valuable time and brings a familiar, consumer-grade experience to the workplace.

“Driving employee productivity is a longstanding business challenge,” says Paul Alley, Director of Technology & Alliance Partnerships at Appspace. “However, many organizations now understand the significance of aligning productivity with employee experience. Companies can save time and optimize workspaces by offering employees a simple, efficient, and frictionless way to reserve desks, leading to significant benefits.”

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