How to create a commute-worthy office space

Even though many organizations have returned to in-office settings, research has found that 98% of workers want to work in remote settings at least some of the time. Employees also cite the commute as a major deterrent to office life. This survey, for example, found that 79% of respondents say the lack of commute is one of the best things about remote work.

So, if your organization wants to operate in-office either full- or part-time, how do you attract and keep the right talent who sees the commute as an unnecessary burden? What makes an office space worth the commute?

Common issues with traditional office spaces

Let’s face it: traditional offices often fall short when it comes to meeting the needs of modern employees. Research reveals that today’s employees want workplace benefits they see as healthier. So, what are they?

  • Ergonomic seating
  • Standing desks
  • Wellness rooms
  • Healthy lunch options

The old-fashioned office setup with outdated equipment just isn’t appealing, just as the cubicle has gone out of style. Nowadays, employees crave more flexibility in their work arrangements. They want the freedom to book desks anywhere in the office, switch locations to collaborate when necessary, and have private rooms for making calls. The main issue with traditional office spaces is that they don’t provide the physical environment that encourages the communication, flexibility, and culture that today’s employees want.

Key ingredients of a commute-worthy office space

Consider these tips when designing your office to make employees look forward to spending time in your environment, making the commute worthwhile.

Design a visually appealing and comfortable workspace

The notion that rigid, minimal, stark office environments lead to increased productivity is just outdated thinking. As business leaders, it’s important to invest in equipment, furniture, and artwork that prioritize comfort, collaboration, and inspiration. Think ergonomic chairs, various types of lighting, and the right kind of posters that contribute to an aesthetic that truly appeals to your employees. When your spaces are warm and welcoming, you’ll find that people actually look forward to their commute to work.

Provide seamless connectivity and digital technologies

We all crave seamless connectivity and cutting-edge technology, right? It’s what we want and expect in our personal lives, so why should work be any different? Fast, reliable internet is an absolute must-have. And let’s not overlook the allure of offices equipped with state-of-the-art computers, tablets, and projectors.

Offer health-focused amenities

Employees are into wellness spaces that give them a break from work and support their mental health. So, having cozy break rooms, attractive lunch areas, and communal spaces with plants or other natural elements helps them recharge while they’re at work.

Put collaboration at the center of your design

Employees who are willing to go through a commute to get to your office are probably the ones who value in-person collaboration. If they don’t see the benefit of interacting face-to-face with their colleagues, they’ll most likely prefer to work remotely. So, to foster this communicative atmosphere in your office, it’s important to create comfortable group workspaces. Make it easy for employees to book spaces in the office to collaborate with others. Offer various types of spaces, like one-on-one rooms, bigger high-tech conference rooms, or even long, open tables in common areas to encourage spontaneous communication.

Create a commute-worthy office today

Modern businesses can’t expect to attract and retain top talent if they don’t invest in a physically appealing work environment. Workers will just find other jobs that meet their needs and don’t make them commute to boring spaces. Don’t underestimate the power of a comfy office with different workspaces to cater to everyone’s needs.

If you want to foster employee satisfaction — while requiring a commute — an inviting, hospitable, pleasant environment is the key.

Download our guide for three tech-driven ways to create a commute-worthy office experience today.

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