Making work better: How Appspace and Metrikus put your people first

The modern workplace needs to be adaptable, and that means giving employees the tools to optimize their own experience. Appspace and Metrikus offer integrated solutions that prioritize safety, productivity, and informed decision-making. With real-time data displayed on screens, space reservation systems, and user-friendly employee apps, we’re helping people make better workplace decisions in the moment while streamlining things behind the scenes.

A workplace built for the way things really are

In a world focused on sustainability, productivity, and wellbeing, our solutions are designed to put your team’s experience front and center.

Here’s how we do it – and why your teams will love it:

  • Tap into real-time data: Appspace uses Metrikus’ APIs to give you the latest scoop on your workplace. This includes everything from air quality to how busy different spaces are.
  • Make smarter workspace choices: Need a quieter space? Somewhere with top-notch ventilation? Employees can see real-time info on screens or in our app to pick the space that suits their needs best.
  • Get automated workspace suggestions: Our integrated solution can suggest the best available workspaces based on data.
  • Forget manual room-booking fuss: We automate check-ins and check-outs, meaning less admin hassle and more time to focus on what matters.

This isn’t just about fancy tech – it’s about giving organizations the insight to build frictionless work environments that support a healthy, sustainable workplace.

The benefits are real:

  • Get precious time back: Less time spent on manual room booking and admin means more focus on meaningful work.
  • Level up your health and safety: Real-time info on spaces – including real-time data on air quality and occupancy – helps everyone stay safer and avoid unhealthy environments.
  • Make those meeting rooms work harder: Optimize meeting spaces to make sure they’re being used effectively and no one’s left scrambling for a spot.
  • Security matters: Our platforms keep your data safe and make sure it’s accessible when you need it.

Ready to dive deeper?

Over the past six months, we’ve shared insights on what Appspace and Metrikus can do, including how to:

Our comprehensive eBook has all the details on how the Appspace and Metrikus integration can elevate your workplace experience, boost productivity, and put your employees’ wellbeing at the heart of it all. Plus, learn how we’re transforming workplaces with real-world examples.

Download your copy now.

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