SCN: The State of Digital Signage

According to AVIXA’s Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA) reports, digital signage is the second-largest solution area in the pro-AV industry — and growing. Right now, the industry generates $34.1 billion in product and service revenues, with a projected growth of 5.8% each year for the next five years. Just in case you need this translated, the industry is enormous, and the opportunity within it is only getting bigger. 

In the latest edition of SCN, Cindy Davis took a look at the digital signage industry and documented the latest and greatest in terms of trends and business intelligence. While writing this piece, Cindy reached out to us for comment on the state of the industry. Our Marketing Director, Darren Colclough, shared our thoughts on where we believe this solution area is going and why Appspace stands out from the crowd when it comes to our service offering. 

Check out pages 32-33 in SCN’s latest issue here to learn what Darren and other leaders have to say about the state of digital signage.

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