Top 10 effective & creative workplace communication skills

Whether you manage an office of 20 employees or you oversee a corporation with thousands of workers, communicating is always one of the biggest challenges. It is effective communication that makes the exceptional leaders rise above the good ones, and it is a technique that can make your entire workplace run smoother.

However, communicating in a way that gets your message across while making sure that message is retained is easier said than done. It takes clear messaging and some creativity. Here are 10 effective workplace communication tips you can start using today to see a more productive, peaceful, and healthy work environment tomorrow:

Include everyone

While there is certainly a place for one-on-one meetings, when all of your employees feel like they are privy to the important details, it will help them feel like their opinion matters.

Open up the conversation

In order to truly be communicating, the conversation needs to be two-ways. Make sure you are creating a welcoming environment where people feel like it’s okay to respond.

Speak simply

When you are relaying a message to a group, you need to make sure you use language that everybody understands. When you use large words that not everybody knows, you can easily be misunderstood.

Integrate visual aids

When someone sees something, they are much more likely to remember it, which is why you should try to use visual aids and/or presentations as a creative workplace communication technique.

Demonstrate what you mean

Whether you are teaching a new sales technique or relaying a safety message, you will see much better results if you lead by example. Act out your message so your employees can see exactly what you mean instead of just trying to interpret your words for themselves.

Get to the point

Nobody wants to sit there and listen to you say the same thing over and over. Make sure you are getting your message across in a succinct way, so you can hold their attention.

Tie in humor

Just because you are at work doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to laugh. If you can find a professional way to bring some humor into your communication, you will make your message much more memorable.

Speak clearly

It seems simple enough, but you would be surprised how many managers simply cannot articulate what they are trying to say in a clear way. Make sure you are not one of them.

Ask for questions

After you are done relaying your message, give the people listening a chance to ask questions. This will give you immediate feedback and let you know if your message was understood as intended.

Show gratitude

Even though your team may be required to listen to you, you should still take a moment to thank them for their time. This small gesture can go a long way.

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