What does it mean to consumerize the workplace experience?

Imagine this – you’re sitting comfortably on your couch, deciding what to watch on Netflix or locking down your next vacation on Booking.com. The experience is seamless, personalized, and easy.

Now, think about your workplace. Does it measure up to these expectations?

Too many workplaces feel like time machines, transporting employees back to the clunky tech and rigid workstyles of decades past. This isn’t what workers expect today – and they’re not tolerating it. Because people are used to the seamless experiences they enjoy as consumers.

The good news is that even if your workplace is sometimes stuck in the past, it doesn’t need to stay there. You can reimagine the workplace to reflect the personalized, easy experiences everyone is accustomed to. It’s not just an option – it’s your key to attracting and keeping the best talent, boosting productivity, and creating a company culture people will talk about (in a good way!).

Understanding the workplace dilemma

The tug-of-war between old ways and evolving workforce expectations is real. Here’s what we’re battling:

This isn’t about picking sides. It’s about building a sustainable and genuinely appealing workplace. That hinges on two things: the tech that underpins everything and the overall experience employees have day-to-day.

Workplace experience (WX) – It’s more than you think

Accenture defines WX as “combining technology, operations, culture and employee experience in a holistic way.” Think of it as the 360-degree view of work that goes far beyond a nice lobby or ping-pong tables.

Here’s why WX matters:

A disengaged workforce costs TRILLIONS: Gallup estimates it costs the global economy $8.8 trillion in lost productivity. Don’t let your company be part of that statistic.

Friction is your enemy: Workplace annoyances, from clumsy meetings to difficulty finding a desk, add up to lost focus and a subpar experience. Friction costs real money.

Tech matters – A LOT: When tools don’t work together or communication channels feel like spam, work suffers. Your talent will find somewhere this isn’t an issue.

Creating a “consumer grade” workplace

This doesn’t mean you hand out lattes in the breakroom (though that wouldn’t hurt!). It’s about these cornerstones:

  • Effortless flow: Think about it: does your team feel informed, or are they drowning in communication noise? A consumerized experience prioritizes the info people actually need.
  • A sense of personalization: People expect things to feel relevant. AI is key to streamlining while making employees feel seen as individuals.
  • Collaboration as second nature: Tech and office layout should make teamwork natural, both in-person and for hybrid setups. It’s how great ideas and innovation happen.

AI can be your workplace experience powerhouse

Don’t let anyone tell you this is all ‘nice to have’ fluff. AI is your key to:

  • Understanding the pulse: Get analytics to tell you what’s really driving employee happiness, not just survey guesses.
  • Content that works: Help comms teams reach employees the right way – whether that’s a quick video explainer or a summarized announcement.
  • Actually smart scheduling: Imagine AI suggesting times and spaces for in-person meetings based on people’s calendars AND preferences. No more room-booking wars!

It’s time for leadership that prioritizes workplace experience

Let’s not sugarcoat this: creating this transformation needs leadership. Invest in tech, rethink the physical space, and champion a culture focused on empowering people with flexibility and the feeling that work can actually be enjoyable. Your bottom line will thank you.

Ready to see what this experience feels like? Get the guide now.

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