Deliver important communications to your entire workforce

Ensure visibility of critical company news and updates with Broadcasts

It’s more than just emergency alerts and warnings. Broadcasts also allow you to publish content like live town halls, upcoming company events, or significant achievements. Simply put, if it’s important to you, you can send it to the masses.

Broadcasts deployed to devices will interrupt content playing based on priority until deactivation. Our Broadcasts feature also integrates with IPTV providers and leading emergency alert systems to automatically trigger critical notifications.


Choose from several channels to publish Broadcasts:

Broadcasts allow you to quickly configure and deploy important messages to several channels at once to reach specific audiences across multiple locations.

Alerts - Appspace

Full-screen takeover or pop-ups for devices
Ideal for communicating important updates and alerts to onsite employees.

Email - Appspace

Leverage all of the communication channels at your disposal to communicate with employees including tried-and-true email.

Enterprise Messaging- Webex Teams

Enterprise messaging
Publish updates within the tools your team uses every day like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex.

Push Notifications - Appspace

Push notifications
Bring content to the forefront of employee’s attention with push notifications sent to mobile devices and even PCs.

Pinned Content - Appspace

Pinned content in the Employee App
Reach remote employees with announcements pinned to the Employee App to ensure visibility.

SMS Appspace Mobile

SMS text messaging
SMS text messaging is ideal for reaching frontline workers without a corporate email. Workers can also access the Employee App using a one-time password.

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