Pre-designed templates

Appspace make sharing effortless with templates for all types of information. Publish once and view anywhere with brand consistency and flawless formatting.

Adaptive design

Create once and view perfectly on any display size and orientation with no additional work.

Granular controls

Configure fonts, colors, layouts, and more to comply with brand standards.

Visualize data

Share reports and create dashboards with charts using manually entered data or third-party systems.

Connect to feeds

Dynamically show information from RSS, XML, social media, and other sources.

Stream content

Tune into videos and other content from across the web just using a URL.

Deploy services

Find a room, manage visitors, look-up colleagues, and find your way around the workplace.

Use templates to communicate anything

Appspace templates power all of your communication initiatives display all types of information. To make it even easier, we’ve curated a gallery of ready to use designs for delivering announcements, reports, feeds, and services to your team.

Publish Into Channels

How templates work

Appspace Cloud Structure

Baked-in design principles

Templates are easy to edit, adapt to all display sizes and shapes, with baked-in brand controls - which makes them ideal for sharing information with your team on their personal devices and workplace displays.

Template Configuration for Room and Desk Reservation

Templates & themes

Like a website, templates decide where text, media, and data go. Themes determine colors, fonts, animations, and other behaviors. This means functionality and design can be managed independently.

Integrate with common tools

Our open API and HTML templates provide easy integration with your technology stack, including G Suite, Microsoft O365, Atlassian, Salesforce, SharePoint, Facebook, YouTube, RSS feeds, and many more.

Appspace is flexible, secure, and grows with you

Learn how Appspace makes it easy to implement and utilize one platform to create a modern workplace.