Choose a device and Appspace will run on it

Appspace works on a wide variety of hardware. Finding the right device for the right use case will help set your team up for success. From kiosks to room booking to digital signage, there are plenty of options to fit your budget and technology needs.
Appspace For Devices
Appspace Apps & Integrations

Works with multiple operating systems

The Appspace App for devices is supported on a multitude of operating systems and device platforms such as Chrome OS, Android, iOS, BrightSign, Cisco, Crestron. Find the right device for your business when it comes to device size, playback capabilities, display type, and more. The perfect device exists for your office.

Create an interactive experience

Touchscreen kiosks are great for visitor management and wayfinding. These interactive devices can be placed in multiple locations across your office to help visitors and employees find people or places or even engage with your content.

Devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab S, BightSign XT Series 4, Elo Touchscreen Devices, Sony Touchscreen Devices.

Digital Signage Wayfinding

Reserve rooms and desks

Devices for room and desk booking can vary from home office devices like desktop PCs and laptops to compact in-office devices like room booking panels and desk pucks. Depending on the seating style of your office, the right device is out there.

Devices: Webex Navigator, Crestron TSS Panel, Logitech Tap Scheduler, IAdea Room Scheduling Panel. YeaLink, POE Switch.


Get the message out

With a wide variety of supported operating systems, players, and hardware manufacturers, there’s no shortage of options for your digital signage devices. From large video walls to collaboration displays to kiosks, if there’s a screen, you can use Appspace to display content.

Devices: Crestron AM-200, Cisco Board 55.
Digital Signage For Facilities

A wide range of supported devices

The devices on this page are just a few of the ones that support Appspace features. Check out our full list of partner devices, supported OS, and more.

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