Extend Your Workplace Communications by Integrating Workplace from Meta and Appspace

Appspace and Workplace help turn your company into a community. Provide the right content to the right people at the right time, no matter where they are.
Workplace by Meta Hero

Simple installation, great communication

Create your content

Use simple branded templates for creating various types of content – it’s just like editing a slide.

Publish your content

Group content into channels (like a playlist) and easily publish with desired scheduling and audience rules.

View from anywhere

Select where you want to publish your content (Workplace from Meta, digital signage displays, etc.) to reach your entire workforce.

A platform that works with Workplace to enhance communications and culture

Standardize and save big with a single platform

The last thing IT needs is another application to vet, procure, and manage. Appspace brings all your workplace technology initiatives together for increased reliability and security.

Amplify reach and promote a unified culture

Communicating with dispersed teams is critical. Bring your team together and align them with access to live updates, town hall recordings, business data, and more.

Keep your entire workforce connected at all times

Appspace is user friendly, secure, and scalable compared to other solutions. We unite your teams and technology by enhancing the functionality of existing applications your team is already familiar with.

Start communicating in a better way