This week, Cisco published a blog about using Webex devices powered by Appspace to ensure a safe environment for your employees as we transition back into in-office work. We’ve included an introduction to the blog in this post, but encourage you to check out the full post directly on the Cisco blog.

Cisco and Appspace make it easy to create a clear “safe return to the office” strategy through digital signage and simple space management. Cisco Webex Rooms offer a collaboration device for every space and scenario. At the same time, Appspace delivers a comprehensive workplace experience platform – and together, they built a best-in-class communication and engagement standard. This allows you to deploy a consistent brand across your entire digital workplace, and provides a secure, cost-effective way of centralizing content delivery, and standardizing internal and external communications.

“In today’s rapidly changing environment, the power of the Cisco + Appspace platform is unmatched. It’s ease and simplicity allow organizations to communicate without borders all while leveraging investments in Webex Room devices and APIs. Appspace’s unique integration with Webex Teams further extends these capabilities to allow you to communicate with confidence to your entire workforce and return to a safer working environment.” – Jim Koniecki – Principal Consultant – NTT

To continue reading, check out the full blog here.