The office landscape has changed a lot in the last 7 months. It became apparent pretty quickly in 2020 that a key engagement strategy involved in-person communication. Quickly, all gatherings went virtual, and undoubtedly there has been some digital engagement fatigue to be had. What was once exciting because it was unprecedented now needs a bit of a revamp to stay connected and keep employees’ attention span for more than just a few seconds. Here are five ways to help improve employee engagement.

Create targeted, segmented messaging to various employee groups

People want to read and hear about things that pertain specifically to them and their role in your business. Leveraging the tools available through the Appspace platform can allow you to create segmented channels to reach team members with appropriate messaging. Time will not be wasted thanks to using appropriate templates and plugging in the proper content, which leads to the next point.

Have multiple contributors submitting and posting content

Nothing gets people more excited than seeing something they had a hand in making posted online or around the office. Besides the buzz of seeing something that they created, employee contributors add a large amount of value by providing insight into what is important to their various teams and what they want to see posted. This provides more open communication between team members and management, creating a more collaborative work environment. If having multiple contributors sounds a bit chaotic in not knowing who is posting what when Appspace has varying levels of permissions that can be assigned to different users, that would require a review of messaging before going live on your platforms.

Review messaging analytics to see what gets the best employee response

Nothing is more frustrating than putting together content, and either not knowing if everyone saw it or if readers were engaged with the content was posted. Review messaging analytics to make sound decisions on your communication strategy. Understanding that most users are interacting on messaging applications would help emphasize publishing to those platforms instead of sending an email. Appspace analytics also provides valuable insights on best-performing channels and low performers. Hence, it’s easy to see, which may need a bit more attention or focus on important messaging.

Get your message out onto various platforms.

Working with dispersed teams and relying on digital messaging sometimes can be a little unnerving. Did the important information make it to everyone? Appspace is the only platform that can connect your workplace, home office, and personal devices with enterprise messaging. By using this functionality, single messages can get sent to multiple places to ensure employees will see it, no matter their communication platform of choice. Analytics can also be used in this instance to see which platforms are getting the most use and whether users are mobile or not.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

This has been the year of trying things in ways that were far different than ever before. Finding new ways to engage your employees should be no different. Serving up different messaging types via digital signage around the office can get employees to stop and read as they move from one space to the next. If in-office isn’t something your company is doing just yet, you can still serve varied content on individual devices. Imagine doing something fun by asking for pictures of employee pets, home workstations, or new hobbies they’ve picked up and shared it via Slack to bring the team together to chat. 

The art of effectively engaging employees is not lost just because digital communication has become a prominent medium of choice. Creating compelling, targeted messages, having additional contributors, posting in multiple places, reviewing analytics, and trying new things can help revive employee engagement and improve it. 

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