Appspace Cards

Appspace Cards make sharing any information effortless. Publish once and view anywhere with brand consistency and flawless formatting.

Appspace Cards


Publish announcements from any line of business on any topic.


Share company performance reports and dashboards.


Deploy cards that deliver end-to-end business workflows.


Cards built for Appspace by skilled partner developers.

Use Cards Everywhere

Appspace Cards power all of your modern workplace initiatives. From digital signage, to room scheduling and kiosks, cards display all types of information.

Browse the card gallery and download free, ready to use designs for delivering announcements, reports, feeds, and services to your workplace.

How Cards Work

Appspace Cloud Structure

Built-In Design Principles

Appspace cards are template driven, easy to edit, responsive to all display sizes and shapes, with baked-in brand controls - all of which make them perfect for publishing updates in the modern workplace.

Appspace Brand Controls

Templates & Themes

Cards, like a website, use a template that decides where text, media, and data go. Themes determine colors, fonts, animations, and other behaviors. This means functionality and design can be managed independently.

Appspace Card Integrations

Integrate with Common Tools

Our open API and HTML card framework provides easy integration with G Suite, Microsoft O365, Atlassian, Salesforce, Facebook, and more. Cards can be added by your in-house team, or by the Appspace developer community.

Appspace is Flexible, Secure, and Grows with You

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