Appspace Design

Guidance and downloads to help you get started with the Appspace brand.


Color Palette

Primary Colors

The main colors Appspace currently uses are Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Red, and Golden Yellow.


Grayscale Palette

We also use a small set of grays to create depth to the compositions.  


Secondary Colors

These colors should be used with consideration and shouldn’t overpower the main colors on the page or composition



Montserrat is Appspace’s primary font for print and web productions. Arial is used for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations due to it being a standard font on all operating systems - this significantly reduces alignment and brand issues and simplifies distribution to third-parties.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Body Text



Our icon library is used for both online and print collateral, including websites, presentations, data-sheets, and system diagrams. The icon style uses outlines that give a light but sturdy feel.  Icons that represent third-party products keep their own brand standards. (e.g. YouTube).

Icons are part of the downloadable Appspace Design Pack.


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