The emphasis on internal communications is still strong. The pandemic spurred communication improvements, but the spotlight remains on widening efforts, and for a good reason. 97% of workers believe good communication impacts daily tasks1

Communications team members have felt the pressure to share more and deliver information quickly. With multiple different ways to reach team members, constant updates, policy changes, company news, and everything in between – it can feel overwhelming. Even the most seasoned communications professionals need ways to streamline their efforts. 

Let’s look at some of the trends for communications in 2022 and how the Appspace platform can handle each one. 

Focus on mobile communications

The workforce has gone mobile. In fact, 55% of workers polled said if their employer used a mobile app, they’d feel more engaged with their organization2. The good news: if you’re on the Appspace platform already, deploying the Employee App for your organization is an easy add-on. If you’re not an Appspace customer yet, add this to the list of reasons Appspace can benefit more than just digital signage needs. The Employee App allows you to push traditional digital signage content to personal devices, making your frontline, deskless, remote, and everything-in-between employees well informed from wherever they are.

Add visual elements

Just text on a screen isn’t going to get your viewers’ attention; that includes your employees. Yes, what you have to share might be important, but an attention grabber is necessary. Communications with visual elements have 40x more likely to be engaged3. We know not everyone has graphic designers at their disposal, so how can that gap be filled? We have a full content team that curates stunning content cards, channels, and feeds that are easy to use and customize to company brand standards. Don’t let your communications efforts fall short by lacking key elements like design that will help boost your engagement rates.

Make data-driven decisions

Our platform offers analytics tools that help you track your communications efforts. Analytics can help you understand how employees receive communications, whether it’s via the employee app, enterprise messaging, or in-office devices. With different types of teams and workers, no two groups will digest information the same. Let analytics help you address each department’s communications needs uniquely, with ease. 

Provide content on-demand

Having a repository of content and communications is a must. Sometimes we miss information when it comes in, and having a centralized location to find information is crucial for employees to keep up. A well-built, user-friendly intranet is a great way to meet these needs. Our intranet provides another opportunity to display information and create an in-depth library of all your communications efforts. Don’t miss this chance to showcase your content!

Get more contributors

Writing might be your strong suit as a communications professional, but that doesn’t mean you don’t experience fatigue. Get people in your organization to become contributors to your internal communications efforts. Team members don’t need to be intimidated when using the Appspace platform. Our content cards can help anyone become a communications pro with easy-to-follow templates—grant permissions to select team members and make adjustments easily at any time. 

Appspace isn’t just for IT teams to deploy to display the content you likely had a hand in. Our platform offers a better option to get more people involved in sharing vital information with your team. 

If you have questions about our platform, we’re ready to answer! Contact us today so we can help you navigate your company’s communications needs and show you how Appspace can help you create a workplace your employees will love. 

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