ClearBox Report: Appspace Intranet shines for user experience

ClearBox is the latest analyst firm to give high marks to the Appspace Intranet. In its latest Intranet and Employee Experience Platform report, ClearBox highlights how Appspace Intranet provides “a unique user experience for employees and publishers that is significantly different from standard SharePoint. This is augmented by strong branding and digital workplace integration capabilities,” the report states.

As part of the ClearBox review process, intranets and employee experience platforms were evaluated based on how they perform in eight areas:

  • User Experience & Visual Appeal
  • Publishing & Communications Management
  • Community & Engagement
  • Integrations & Services
  • Information Finding & Search
  • Administrator Experience
  • Analytics
  • Mobile & Frontline Support

Appspace got rave reviews for user experience and visual appeal. Content creation and branding were two of many features receiving shout-outs. The ClearBox reviewer states, “branding in Appspace Intranet is flexible and powerful,” and “content creation in Appspace Intranet is one of the main product differentiators, providing one of the easiest content editing experiences currently available for SharePoint.”

High marks for service

It’s worth noting that several customers praised Appspace and their experiences working with the Appspace team. Customers say their experience has been, “consistently positive”, “excellent” and “brilliant.”

One customer elaborated on their strong connection with the team at Appspace, sharing that, “collaborating with them has been both effortless and productive,” while another cited their “excellent quality of service and 24/7 support.”

About ClearBox

ClearBox Consulting Ltd. is a UK-based independent consultancy that helps organizations collaborate and communicate more effectively. ClearBox specializes in intranets and the wider digital workplace, including internal social networks, enterprise mobile strategies, and real-time collaboration tools.

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