Appspace is the intranet of choice for Microsoft users. Here’s what analysts say.

An intranet is the gold standard for solving workplace communication and collaboration challenges. But with so many options out there, separating the sparkle from the substance can feel overwhelming. That is, unless you’re a Microsoft shop. Because there’s one intranet that’s fully integrated with Microsoft: Appspace Intranet.

All-in on Microsoft? So are we. Appspace Intranet is specifically designed for organizations that have invested in Microsoft and don’t want to build their own intranet solution.

What makes Appspace Intranet so well-suited to organizations that rely on Microsoft? It’s designed to provide a secure and reliable solution that connects the dots between scattered Microsoft tools and features. And analysts are taking notice. For example, the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intranet Packaged Solutions has named Appspace Intranet as a Niche Player in the market.

“Appspace Intranet is usually acquired as an all-in-one solution by buyers already committed to Microsoft 365.”

– Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intranet Packaged Solutions, 2023

Here are some highlights:

  • Customers are often heavily invested in Microsoft, but have no desire to build or assemble their own intranet solution.
  • Appspace scored highly in critical intranet categories like collaboration, community, social, communication, and overall usability.
  • Appspace Intranet requires very little customization, a strength, according to Gartner.
  • Gartner also states that Appspace Intranet is highly regarded for usability.

We’re proud to have carved a niche as a game-changer in the intranet space – but what does this all mean for you? Let’s dive in.

Designed for Microsoft users

Since Appspace Intranet is designed specifically for Microsoft users, it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365.

  • It’s built on SharePoint, so it resides right within your Microsoft environment, creating a cohesive experience.
  • With Appspace, you get a streamlined interface that brings together essential Microsoft apps and tools like Teams and Outlook.
  • When it comes to SharePoint, organizations usually have four choices: using it as it is, investing in custom development solutions, settling for an out-of-the-box intranet with loose integration, or going for a purpose-built solution that enhances the user experience and adoption, specifically tailored for SharePoint.

Appspace offers one other key advantage that makes it stand out from other intranet providers: it doesn’t store any of your data. Instead, your sensitive information is stored securely inside your own Microsoft environment. This is one of the main reasons we’re trusted by some of the world’s largest banks and government organizations with the strictest security requirements.

“Appspace Intranet scores well for collaboration, community and social, and employee communication capabilities. It offers a wide range of asynchronous collaboration capabilities while integrating with Microsoft Teams for synchronous collaboration.”

– Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intranet Packaged Solutions, 2023

Simple, user friendly, and ready to go

One key differentiator of our intranet is its exceptional usability. Designed with corporate communications in mind, it’s an out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t need extensive customization.

Here’s what Gartner found:

  • Technology like AI, analytics and personalization are put into the hands of business users through a persona- and journey-based design approach.
  • The product requires very little customization. Designed with corporate communications as its primary user, Appspace Intranet is a ready to go experience for employees to engage in corporatewide, localized, team and personal experiences.

More than an intranet (no, really, we’re not just saying that)

Our intranet is just one of the solutions that make up our full workplace experience platform. Appspace is designed to meet your needs across the entire workplace, combining workplace communications solutions (intranet, employee app, digital signage) and workplace management solutions (space reservation, visitor management, and wayfinding).

Here’s what Gartner reports:

  • Appspace’s orchestration of employee experience across the digital and physical workspace is differentiating.
  • Rich employee profiles (“personas”) are the basis for personalization and content recommendation, communities and affinities, and roles, permissions and delegation.
  • It also scores well for bringing the physical and digital workplaces together with ready integration to digital signage and workplace experience applications.

Are you a large organization seeking a robust solution for communication and collaboration? Look no further.

Appspace caters primarily to large organizations (1000+ employees), ranging from the finance and manufacturing sectors to logistics and government agencies. Our comprehensive solution offers a seamless blend of asynchronous and synchronous collaboration capabilities, keeping employees connected regardless of where they are in the world.

See how Glencore, one of the world’s largest global diversified natural resource companies, relies on Appspace to connect its workforce of 130,000+ employees.

What the other analysts are saying

Gartner isn’t the only analyst firm that has weighed in on Appspace recently.

Forrester says Appspace offers organizations “a common source of truth to manage their daily experience.”

According to ClearBox, the Appspace Intranet is “a powerful publishing platform and digital workplace hub with rich social collaboration.”

And IDC has acknowledged Appspace Intranet as a leader in their Authenticated Digital Workspaces Vendor Assessment report as an “all in one streamlined professional environment” and noted “the intuitiveness of the platform and its mobile app.”

With its advanced features, seamless integration with Microsoft tools, and a focus on user simplicity, Appspace offers large organizations a ready-to-go intranet solution that drives engagement, collaboration, and productivity. As a recognized leader in connecting digital and physical workspaces, Appspace Intranet is revolutionizing how companies approach their intranet experiences.

Want to see it in action? Try this sales-free self-guided demo.

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