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Appspace workplace communication solutions

Pitch-perfect communications that reach everyone Discover how to deliver timely, targeted messaging to your employees, visitors, and guests. Appspace Workplace Communications solutions help you reach every employee with an omni-channel approach. Create once, publish everywhere – to the Employee App, Slack, Webex, Microsoft Teams, on digital signage across your office, and to the company intranet. Join this 30-minute webinar and you’ll learn: - What workplace experience means and why it matters for your organization - How Appspace’s Employee App, Digital Signage and Content & Publishing solutions work (with live demos). - Omni channel publishing – create your message once and publish everywhere - Reach corporate and frontline workers anywhere, with an employee communications app - Amplify your communications on digital signs - Create easy-to-schedule email campaigns delivering company-wide communications - Publish content to apps, devices, email, or web - Streamline and automate workflows for a better employee experience