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Best Practices Ask an Appspacer

Need help accomplishing something in Appspace? Get the answer to your burning questions from an Appspace expert at this webinar. Instead of watching a presentation, we understand that you may prefer to watch real-time tutorials on how to complete tasks within Appspace on your own. What exactly is this session? Consider it a “Ask Me Anything” for Appspace. Anything. We mean it. For example, have you ever wondered how to submit a brand kit to Appspace? Do you need assistance with your desk hoteling configuration? Do you want to separate content posted to the app from the content displayed on your digital signage? If you have any additional lingering questions about how to achieve something in Appspace, join us on November 9th at 12 PM EST/ 6 PM CET to hear from Appspace specialists and view tutorials on how to complete those activities that you have been having difficulty accomplishing in the Appspace platform. This webinar will be short on presentation and big on demonstration, so please join us so we can answer any questions you may have and continue to connect your people, places, and spaces!