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Hybrid isn’t working Fix it with a frictionless workplace experience

Hybrid isn’t working: Fix it with a frictionless workplace experience Employees have said yes to hybrid work, but the reality hasn’t been smooth sailing. In fact, it’s brought new challenges: Disrupted productivity and processes, underused office spaces, and inequalities between hybrid and non-hybrid employees, to name a few. It’s time to make the hybrid workplace a frictionless experience. Join this expert-led session with Microsoft Senior Product Manager Sindhuja Sundaravadivelu, Harry Morphakis, Senior Manager at Accenture, Thomas Philippart de Foy, Chief Innovation Officer at Appspace and Michael Grant, Co-Founder of Metrikus, the software company that’s revolutionizing physical office environments. Learn how we’re joining forces to integrate Microsoft Teams, hybrid scheduling, space insights, IoT devices, and more to create a standout workplace experience.