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Intranets, employee experience, digital workplaces: Where are we today and what's coming tomorrow?

Digital workplaces have been pivotal in the last few years, keeping employees engaged, productive, and connected from anywhere – through healthcare crises, lockdowns, and new ways of working. Along the way, terminology changed, new technologies emerged (including AI tools), and the industry landscape evolved. All at breakneck speed. That’s left many people wondering how to chart a course – how to capitalize on the new, make the most of what they have, minimize risks, and reduce costs. What’s next for digital workplaces? How do we get digital and physical work experiences aligned? Is it possible to build an ideal employee experience when budgets are tightening? In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll evaluate these critical issues. Join and Learn: - What ‘employee experience’ means today and why it matters now - How to add new tech and capabilities into your existing solutions - The latest industry trends, biggest employee pain points, and what’s coming next