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On the Frontlines How to use design and technology to engage ALL employees | Ragan Comms + Appspace

Frontline and deskless workers make up a majority of today’s workforce. Recent research suggests that 80% of the world’s workforce is deskless. Reaching these employees with companywide messages can be challenging. Too often, communication relies on bulletin boards, flyers or just a passing conversation. These methods won't cut it, as deskless workers want to feel connected to their organizations as well as their co-workers. How do you level up your frontline worker communication strategies? Join us on Oct. 6 for this FREE webinar for insights into the design of your communication and the vehicles used to deliver those messages. By utilizing existing technology and communications that are purposefully designed, you can ensure that all employees receive the correct message at the right time, enhancing deskless worker engagement and leading to a more connected, inclusive workplace. During this session, we’ll uncover: - The difference in communication preferences for different types of workers - Tips and tricks on the development and design of content - The importance of timing and cadence - Strategies for the right communication mix - Technology solutions that help you engage with frontline and deskless workers