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Hot Trends in Hybrid Workplace Technology | Webinar Featuring Forrester

Invest In The Right Hybrid Work Technology To Drive Competitive Differentiation

The future of work is here. As organizations plan to return to work, it's clear that most organizations will pursue a hybrid model. Forrester's research confirms that 60% of organizations will be hybrid, 30% will return to the office as usual, and 10% will embrace an anywhere-work strategy with no central office. Despite the majority of organizations going towards hybrid, it will likely be the most challenging work model to ensure high levels of productivity, collaboration, and engagement across the workforce. Why? Because organizations today lack the right technologies to facilitate a smooth return to the office and hybrid work experience.

As organizations give employees more flexibility, they'll also have to invest in new technologies to optimize space for the return to the office, to enable employees to reserve spaces, and also keep lines of communication strong between remote and in-office employees. 

In this session, Appspace along with Forrester Senior Analyst, Andrew Hewitt, an expert in hybrid and return to work technologies, to help you:

  • Understand key trends in hybrid working and return to work
  • Select the right technologies to help organizations better plan for the return to the office
  • Learn best practices from companies that have already started the journey