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Appspace App 1.9 wants to be touched

In the latest version of the Appspace App you’d be right to expect the usual mix of great features, improvements, and bug fixes.

To give you an idea of what’s in this release, we’ve picked a few of the highlights out for you.


This update makes us feel a bit touchy-feely (but not in a weird way). Users of the Appspace App can now easily browse channels and select content using their finger, allowing the use of touch-screens instead of a regular TV + remote control. In addition, an updated side menu lets you see all of your channel groups with a single touch. You can of course still use a remote control if you wish.

We’ve also included some small user experience improvements based on your comments. We really appreciate the feedback, so thank you.


If you’re building advanced digital signage you will see some small enhancements to what you can do with content action scripts, plus how calendar events are displayed – these are small updates, but both help you tailor the experience to make it just right for your users.

This update is not a new feature, but helpful in any case. So, you’re probably aware that Flash (.swf) content use is on the decline, and many hardware manufacturers are phasing out support for this format (see Flash + Chrome). If you are using Chrome-based media players you may have noticed issues in playback already. Therefore, we’ve added a contingency for Chrome media players using the Chromium browser 54.0.2840.101 (your administrator can check this). In the event that you are, we’ll stream Flash from the content library instead. This is by no means the perfect solution, so if you are looking for Flash alternatives, please contact our team about HTML cards and how they could help you.


Are you using the SureVue media players from MediaVue? If so, we’ve added some new statistics to the list of device information: Memory and CPU usage. Check it out by plugging in a keyboard and pressing Ctrl+Alt+M at any time.

Last but not least, we’ve fixed a number of bugs to make sure things are working the way you expect they would.

To see the release notes in full click here.

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